About CSC

Our Mission Statement

To develop volunteerism amongst NUS undergraduates in a nurturing environment that fosters community service.

The Club

Formed in October 2002, the NUS Students’ Community Service Club (CSC) is one of the four non-faculty Constituent Clubs under the National University of Singapore Students’ Union. NUS CSC is committed to the idea that less fortunate members of our society should never be forgotten, and thus devotes continuous service to the community. Since its inception, CSC has undergone rapid development with the establishment of 11 Regular Volunteering Programmes, 7 Special Projects, and 3 eXternal Partners. Opportunities are abound for NUS undergraduates, given the numerous programmes and projects, to serve the various needy groups in the society. With an active membership of about 4000 students, NUS CSC is taking initiatives to promote volunteerism amongst the student population, as well as to raise awareness of our beneficiaries amongst the public.

CSC Birthday 2014

The Structure

Here in CSC, we believe in continuous service to the community. To provide opportunities for NUS undergraduates to be exposed to various groups in the society with different needs, the following projects and programmes have been established under CSC:

By matching NUS students with differing competencies and interests to various needs in the society, we have maintained a strong link between the students and the society. Without a doubt, our club is steering towards the direction of fostering greater ties between the students and the community.

CSC is always on the look-out for innovative ideas to bring the idea of community service.

The NUS Volunteer Network

CSC is also part of the NUS Volunteer Network that was established in December 2007. Together with NUS Volunteer Action Committee (NVAC), Red Cross Humanitarian Network and Rotaract NUS, the network seeks to provide a wider range of volunteering opportunities.

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