NUS Students' Community Service Club - CSC Day



CSC Day is an annual event organised by NUS CSC to allow students and volunteers to come together and bond with our beneficiaries, as well as other volunteers from our Regular Volunteering Programmes (RVPs) and Special Projects (SPs).



Entering its twelfth year, CSC Day seeks to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism in tandem with creating awareness of community service and a sense of belonging in volunteer work, with our tagline. "Together, we can achieve the impossible."

Group shot of volunteers at CSC Day XII

Our Project Directors applying for grants

This year, our primary focus is on the intangible assets which volunteers can offer for our beneficiaries, in the form of quality time, fun, and laughter. As CSC Day is the only SP that brings together all types of beneficiaries to have fun with one another, CSC Day not only serves as a good platform for beneficiaries to step out of their beneficiaries centers to have fun, but also a good opportunity for volunteers to be exposed to all types of beneficiaries in a single setting.

This allows us to achieve our secondary goal of creating an advantageous environment for new/inexperienced volunteers to leverage on CSC Day to gain more experience and exposure to the various types of beneficiaries, in a hope to create a larger pool of volunteers and returning volunteers. Hence, all inexperienced volunteers are grouped together with experienced volunteers from our RVPs, and a Volunteer Engagement Session was rolled out for this year.


Volunteer Engagement Session (VES)

Group shot of volunteers who came down for VES

On 11th February 2017, we held our very first volunteer engagement session, something different from the previous iterations of CSC Day.

The main objectives are to get volunteers to know one another better beforehand in their allocated groups, and to understand better on what to expect when they interact with the beneficiaries on the actual event day. In this way, we can ensure that the welfare of both beneficiaries and volunteers alike can be better taken care of, and at the same time allow new/inexperienced volunteers to have a greater sense of belonging with the entire volunteer pool.


Actual Day

On 18th February 2017 at NUS Central Forum, CSC Day XII happened, and we are thankful to have a total of 115 beneficiaries from the following RVPS - T.H.E.S, Lderly Befrienders, MINDSville, CYS, Dayspring, Youth Beacon. A total of 159 volunteers also played a vital role in CSC Day XII where a series of game booths were made from scratch and a skit was role-played by our very Organising Committee members.

Members of our OC posing for the camera

Our volunteers getting to know each other

Going to meet the beneficiaries for the first time!

Having fun at the photo booth with our beneficiaries

Volunteers' Thoughts

Working for some time in a stiff competitive industry made me forget about the compassion and care that makes us human. Volunteering is about giving, about spreading joy and laughter, but sometimes you will realize the one who gained the most is yourself.

– Chua Pei Yi, Volunteer

It was a great opportunity for me to interact with beneficiaries from the different sectors. Initially I had some hesitations as to whether I could cope with the diversity in my group, having beneficiaries from both elderly and ID sectors. However, it turned out alright and it was reassuring to see that the beneficiaries were engaged in the games. Their enthusiasm displayed during the activities was an indication that they were having fun! It was also commendable to see the youths doing a great job as station masters. I guess it doesn’t matter which sector they are from, when you treat them like your friend or family member, your companionship is what matters. At the end of the day, as long as the beneficiaries had a great time, I feel that everything’s worth it!

– Chua Wen Hui, Volunteer