Grant A Wish


As one of the signature projects under NUSCSC, Grant A Wish started off in 2003 and has been successful in granting the wishes of beneficiaries with the help of our NUS population. Each year, GAW targets a different group of beneficiaries. Some of the past beneficiary groups include low-income children and visually impaired and deaf people.

Grant A Wish XIV

This year, we fulfilled the wishes of chronically ill children and their siblings from 3 organizations, which are Brain Tumour Society Singapore, Club Rainbow (Singapore) and Haemophilia Society Singapore. This year, we granted the wishes of these children as well as the needy families with an household appliance of their choice. Besides raising awareness of lesser known chronic illnesses, the project aims to inculcate the spirit of giving among the NUS population by enlisting their participation in our drives where we approach them to adopt our beneficiaries’ wishes.

Our theme this year is Wonders of the Universe. Our life is akin to the Universe, vast and full of uncertainties. Yet, through one’s resilience and perseverance, and with the help of their loved ones, the children can be explorers themselves and achieve what they want in life!

Our GAW XIV mascot!

Grant A Wish has a total of 3 phases starting with the wish collection phase. During the wish collection sessions, volunteers are encouraged to interact with children with chronic illnesses in order to know them better. At the same time, volunteers assisted in collecting the wishes of our beneficiaries.

Our OC member guiding the children in penning their wishes down.

The second phase was the Wish Adoption phase, where we held internal drives within the NUS campus and put up the wishes for adoption. The drives were a success with 100% adoption rate. In total, we fulfilled 158 wishes this year, inclusive of children and household wishes.

Wish slips being pasted on our Space-themed banner.

In the third phase of GAW, a Wish Party is held in December, where volunteers, donors and beneficiaries gather together for a day of fun activities. The highlight of the party would be the beneficiaries receiving their presents that are granted to them by our kind donors.

Children looking all excited to unwrap their presents! (Photo Credits: MVF Studios)

If you are interested to be part of our project, do keep a look out for Grant A Wish XV’s organizing committee’s recruitment phase happening this Summer 2017. :)

Join us as a OC member or volunteer!

Volunteers' Thoughts


"Before the event I thought that we need to be sensitive in case we say something wrong. But during interaction, the children were quite easy going and approached me to talk as well. It was like on a friend basis instead of volunteer basis. There wasn't any barrier. Also, the objective of the event is quite meaningful because in normal times, there won't be chances for us to interact with patients like them."

- Fennie