Grant A Wish


As one of the signature projects under NUSCSC, Grant A Wish (GAW) was initiated in 2003 and has been successful in granting the wishes of beneficiaries for 15 consecutive years. This project is made possible through the help of our own NUS population as well as the general public's’ kind generosities. Each year, GAW targets a different beneficiary group. Some of them include low-income children and children with chronic illnesses.

Grant A Wish XV

This year, GAW XV reached out to Persons with Multiple Disabilities, partnering the Disabled People’s Association, Lighthouse School, Mountbatten Vocational School, and AWWA. Besides raising awareness of Persons with Multiple Disabilities, we also aim to inculcate the spirit of giving through the granting of their material wishes.

The theme for this year is ‘Dreambound’. Dreams are important as they motivate us to work towards our goals and achieve greater things. We believe that everyone has the potential to reach their goals and thus focused on building on the strengths of our beneficiaries in inspiring them to achieve their dreams.


GAW consists of three main phases – Wish Collection, Wish Adoption, and Wish Party. This year, we also initiated a new Monthly Visit phase.

During the first phase of Wish Collection, volunteers get to interact with our beneficiaries and assist in collecting their wishes.

Beneficiary from AWWA penning down his wish!

The second main phase is the Wish Adoption phase, where the wishes of our beneficiaries are put up for adoption during the internal drive held in NUS. The drives were a success with a 100% adoption rate of all 165 wishes.

Interested donors looking at the wishes of our beneficiaries at our Wish Adoption booth

In addition to the traditional phases, a new initiative, the Monthly Visits, was implemented this year to enhance the volunteer-beneficiary interaction as we strongly believe that volunteering involves a two-way exchange of skills, knowledge and lessons between our volunteers and beneficiaries.

A Monthly Visit session at Mountbatten Vocational School

A Monthly Visit session to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum with the Disabled People’s Association

In the last main phase of GAW, the Wish Party, volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries gather together for a day of fun and games. The highlight of the party would be the beneficiaries receiving their presents from the wishes granted by our kind donors.

Fun activities planned for the Wish Party!

Presents time!

If you are interested to be part of our project, do keep a look out for volunteering opportunities with GAW on our Facebook and Instagram page!

GAW XV Organizing Committee

Volunteers' Thoughts


"GAW has always had a special place in my heart since I started volunteering with the project five years ago. While people may question the sustainability and materialistic nature of the project, there is so much more to it! As the PD for GAW XV, it was really heartening to see my OC and volunteers step out of their comfort zones to befriend our beneficiaries. I also got to learn more about myself and others through this journey. This project would not have been successful without my capable APDs, the guidance of our VPSP and GAW XIV’s PDs, assistance from the MC, trust and commitment of my OC, and our volunteers – Thank You for contributing in one way or another!"

- Lee Zhi Jing, Project Director

"Joining GAW XV was a difficult but meaningful journey which would not have been possible without my PD and fellow APD, as well as capable and dedicated OC members! For me, the greatest joy was seeing how every member of the OC each had their own learning experience, and found meaning in the project in different ways. As part of the OC, it is easy to lose focus on the initial goal and motivation, while being caught up in the chaos of planning. I’m glad we were able to carry out more regular interactions with the beneficiaries, as the smiles on their faces at the end of every visit was a driving force for the OC to continue giving out best effort in granting their wishes and giving them a memorable experience!"

- Lau Ni Yin, Assistant Project Director

"Being the assistant project director for GAW had been a meaningful experience for me as I am exposed to many different events planning management skills and it honed my leadership skills. Although there were hard times, but the friendship and smiles from our beneficiaries kept me going and committing in the project. The beneficiaries had been amazing, and they have taught as many life lessons they can't be bought. I have come to appreciate myself better and gain more confidence in my leadership through the process. It's an extremely fulfilling process that encourages personal growth."

- Chng Yao Man, Assistant Project Director

"GAW XV was an enriching experience as it gave me insights into volunteering with people with disabilities. It was heartening to see our beneficiaries enjoying themselves, and the volunteers helped us in making each session a success. I'm also grateful for my fun-loving OC members who made this journey even more rewarding!"

- Sarcthy Nagarajah, Volunteer Management Assistant

"Volunteering at GAW’s monthly visit with other like-minded friends has been a rewarding experience for me. I learnt that no matter how little one has, one can always find something to give: support, comfort or simply some emotional reassurance. It is heartening to see that the beneficiaries enjoyed the games and activities planned by the OC. Thank you GAW OC for all your hard work!:)"

- Lau Xin Yi, Volunteer