Love Export


Love Export VI , being the only overseas project under CSC, is in its 6th year. It is an unique project as it aims not only to service through sustainable community projects to the hosting village, but also to promote experiential learning among members. Love Export VI goes to village Baray Kat in Cambodia, Prey Veng and spent around 2 weeks in the village at a host family.

Children and volunteers at the village!

Love Export VI

This year, LE VI funded and contributed in the construction of houses, toilets and water filters. Members also had a variety of lessons with the kids such as music lesson, English lesson, art and craft and even dancing. Members believed that instead of teaching them language or Mathematics that is not sustainable after we leave, why not make some wonderful memories and bring joy to the kids with these interactive lessons. As this was the second year to Baray Kat, it was heart-warming to know that the villagers still remember us.

Group photo

Children and volunteers having fun with tug-of-war.

Doing Love Export for the second time has made this project mean more to me than merely another overseas expedition project. Instead, it has made me feels much more emotionally attached to the village this time round. Furthermore, I managed to spread volunteerism amongst the members by sharing own experience of volunteering, a sense of fulfillment  I learned to lead with heart and soul, to care for my members and beneficiaries and importantly, to volunteer with love and joy.

- Wong Elaine, Team Leader

Love Export VI was the most meaningful project that I’ve experienced in NUS. I learned a lot as a leader and understand more regarding the needs of my members. I definitely did not regret joining LE6. However, without the support of the previous and current VPSP from CSC, I would not have been able to experience and learn much from this project. LE5 was an eye-opener, LE6 was a fulfiling experience.

- Missyella Oktaviana Lee, Assistant Team Leader

We love taking photos!

After the trip to Cambodia, I felt that Singaporeans are really fortunate. We can easily buy cooked food from hawker centres while the villagers have to either grow their own crop or raise their own poultry. We also have better facilities and amenities while for some of the villagers, they might not even have a toilet. I’m really glad that I have joined Love Export.

- Kelvin Phua, Logistics Assistant

Love export is nothing that I have expected. It is so much more than just volunteering overseas. It has been a fulfilling and meaningful journey which broadened my perspectives and made me realize how fortunate I am to have so much. By giving, I had received too.

- Pang Chu Hui, Programmes Assistant

Giving out of prizes!

Love export was not just an overseas community project to me. It taught me invaluable life lessons that I will never forget and would not have learnt from elsewhere. It changed my outlook of life and showed me that the trick to being happy is to be content with what we have. It's good to keep chasing after a goal but sometimes we just have to pause awhile and take a break.

- Kelvin Ho, Publicity Assistant

Through love export, I was able to discover a different side of me and at the same time, learn more about volunteerism at a greater depth. I believe that our team has served our main goal in providing necessary help to raise the standard of living for some of the Cambodians. Most importantly, this journey has provided me lots of unforgettable memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

- Linda Yeoh, Programmes Head


Love Export has helped me become more independent and driven. After seeing the living conditions in Baray Ket, I realised I can do so much more for people like them with my capabilities and resources. I have a newfound goal towards creating new ways to empower the lives of these people who deserve a better quality of life than what they have now.

- Joycelin Goh, Programmes Assistant

To me, Love Export was more than just an overseas community project. It was a journey that opened my eyes and mind to things greater than me. It made me realized how small we are, but being small does not make it impossible for us to make a difference to the lives of others.

- Theodore William Salim, Logistics Assistant

Love Export has been a truly memorable experience for me and has definitely made me grow. From being able to directly impact a community through my work, learning to be more independent, caring for the people around me and forging everlasting friendship with those who shared this journey with me, Love Export will definitely be the cornerstone of my University education.

- Kumaran S/O Mani, Programmes Assistant

Love Export VI Team send-off at Changi Airport