19th Management Committee

19th Management Committee


Lim Chen Xi

Hello! I am the President of NUS CSC! I oversee the functioning of the Club, manage all matters related to the Management Committee, and liaise with internal and external organizations, collaborators and school offices.

Contact me at nuscsc.pres@gmail.com!

Vice-President (Regular Programme)

Chow Si Qing

Hello! I am the VPRP of CSC and I work closely with our 12 Regular Volunteering Programmes (RVPs) to enhance the volunteering landscape.

Feel free to drop me a message at nuscsc.vprp@gmail.com to know about the diverse volunteering and learning opportunities that our RVPs offer!

Vice-President (Special Projects)

So Hoi Kay

Hello! I am the VPSP of NUS CSC and I work closely with our 7 Special Projects (SPs) to meet the needs of our society as well as develop our volunteers.

Kindly contact me at nuscsc.vpsp@gmail.com if you are interested in exploring the diverse volunteering and learning opportunities that our SPs offer!

Vice-President (Exploratory Programmes)

Pooja Ramesh

Hello! I am the VPEPof NUS CSC and I work closely with our LEAP Projects.

Kindly contact me at nuscsc.vpep@gmail.com if you are interested in exploring new initiatives!

General Secretary

Valarie Ting

Deputy General Secretary

Chua Yan Jie Atricia

Deputy General Secretary

Leo Li Wen

Hello! We are the Secretaries of NUS CSC! Our job mainly comprises managing and archiving information in an orderly and organized manner, increasing efficiency and facilitating the administrative duties volunteers need to carry out.
We are also in charge of the logistics in the club as well as logistics transactions between clubs and faculties!
Do contact us at nuscsc.sect@gmail.com in case of queries, feedback or assistance with logistics for your CSC event!

Finance Secretary

Sheethal Shanbhogue

Deputy Finance Secretary

Sarah Foo Phey Shin

Hi! We are the Treasurers of NUS CSC! Our work includes handling of all financial matters, such as funds reimbursement, budget allocation, monitoring and review.

If you have any queries regarding financial matters, please feel free to contact us at nuscsc.treasury@gmail.com!

Business Director

Thong Jie Yang

Deputy Business Director

Ankolkar Apurva Nagraj

Hi, We are the Business Cell of NUS CSC! We are in charge of providing long-term resource solutions for our club (SPs and RVPs), as well as exploring new partnership opportunities with interested partners.

Feel free to contact us at nuscsc.biz@gmail.com for any sponsorship matters!

Publications & Publicity Director

Nurin Nadiah Halifi

Deputy Publications & Publicity Director

Lee Pei Jun Elizabeth

Deputy Publications & Publicity Director

Mavis Lee En Qi

Hello! We are the Publications & Publicity cell!
We are in charge of managing all publicity channels of the club, and designing & printing of all publications.
If you have any publicity request, do drop us an email at nuscsc.pub@gmail.com!

Volunteer Welfare Director

Lim Xin Yi

Deputy Volunteer Welfare Director

Lee Chun Wang Calvin

Deputy Volunteer Welfare Director

Wee Yu Xuan

Hello, we are the volunteer welfairies! We care for the well-being and enrichment of our volunteers and organise events to bring everyone closer together.

Email us at nuscsc.welfare@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or feedback!

Volunteer Management Director

Tan Wei Shuang

Deputy Volunteer Management Director

Yuki Ong Xue Li

Deputy Volunteer Management Director

Lim Zi Yuan Cheryl

Hi, we are the Volunteer Mangement Cell! We are in charge of answering any queries with regards to the different programmes and events in CSC!
We also manage and maintain our volunteer records so that they can be submitted for SEP/Scholarship applications!
We hope everyone will have a meaningful CSC volunteering experience here!

When in doubt as to which programmes to join, feel free to contact us at nuscsc.vm@gmail.com!

NUSSU EXCO Representative

Trixie Toh Pei Ying

NUSSU EXCO Representative

Tasnuba Janifer Hossain

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