eXternal Partners (XPs) are projects supported by the club but the planning and management of these projects are under the purview of outside organizations.

Project Aspire

Project Aspire is a tutoring programme that encourages undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates from NUS to reach out to Youths-at-Risk. We aim to inspire and nurture the potential of the mentees to become capable individuals of the society and also instill volunteerism among the NUS community.

Currently, we conduct weekly sessions on weekday nights at Boonkeng and Compassvale region from May to end October 2018. Volunteers are recruited to provide academic support to youths in preparation for N Levels and Secondary 3 examinations.

BP Mentoring

BP Mentoring is a unique community service project that aims to encourage undergraduates to become mentors to young peers. Through quality mentoring service and related activities, this project aims to nurture the potential and character of both mentees and mentors and inspire them to become capable individuals who are able to contribute positively to the society.

Currently, we are operating in Clementi Primary School every Wednesday from 2pm - 4pm. Typically, mentors spend the first hour providing academic coaching and supervision on Maths. For the remaining time, mentors engage mentees through a combination of games and character-building programs.

In addition, we may also organize learning journeys during the last session, such as to Singapore City Gallery and Hort Park to take learning beyond classrooms and forge closer bonds with each other.


Trybe is a series of programmes aim at enhancing the intellectual and moral development of youths. To achieve its purpose, Trybe organizes activities and camps to inculcate leadership and life skills to the youths. The project helps to cultivate conīŦdence in young people and challenges them to greater achievements.

Trybe was formerly called Thumbs Up! Although the name had changed, the stuff we do is nevertheless same as before or even more fun!

Trybe is a series of volunteer-driven youth development programs designed to increase self-esteem, inspire purposeful living, build community through serving others. This is achieved through interactive programmes camps, small group mentoring, positive role modeling and dream coaching. Today, over 20,000 students have participated in the Trybe Programme in over 60 institutions!

In Trybe, we always have one vision in mind which is :

Every Youth, A Success Story

We believe that every youth can achieve success in ways which are meaningful and purposeful. By choosing well and collecting little successes along the way, their lives can be Success Stories which will inspire and motivate others to do the same. We had seen several inspiring instances, and undoubtedly, it just spurs us on to contribute.


Trybe usually conducts programs such as You Can Do It! during weekends and YLMP (Youth Leaders and Mentors Programme) Camps for schools during the holidays. In these programs, we aim to rediscover our youths' confidence and attitude though interesting games and activities. For instance, in one of our YLMP camp for East Spring Secondary School students, we kicked off the Tribal themed camp by getting everyone's faces radically painted. Students showed-off and screamed their cheers as the atmosphere built with intensity and excitement, Trybe style! For the next 2 days, we had great fun running the teens through interactive activities related to community project management and service learning. The camp ended on a very high note, as the students did special presentations of all the things they've learned to their teachers.

Come Join Us!

For those who are unable to commit their time in our NUSCSC's Regular Volunteering Programs (RVPs) or miss out our fantastic Special Projects (SPs) due to the limited places, this is your chance to volunteer! It is actually a very ad-hoc base as you only need to commit yourselves for those 2 to 3 days of fun and exciting camps! You could go for more if you enjoyed the first one!

Check out all of our activities in the Calendar in the Trybe Website!

So if you're interested to volunteer with Trybe, you can send your registrations to Rafael @ or contact him at 67841481. The registration details are as shown below:

Registration Details:

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