NUS Students' Community Service Club - Paint-A-Home



Started in 2000, Paint-A-Home aims to improve the living conditions of our beneficiaries through the provision of a fresh coat of paint. In PAH, we believe that improving the aesthetic outlook of the beneficiary's’ home would improve their standard of living because it is not merely a house, but a home to them- a place where one lives and grows; a place with emotional ties. Through our event, we invite volunteers to join us in making a difference in the community. Over the years, our volunteers have reached out to BHID (2007), Jamiyah Children’s Home (2008), Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizens (2012) as well as rental flats in various regions around Singapore (2009, 2013-2015).

Our Volunteer hard at work
Hard at work on the mural

Paint-A-Home XIX

Over the years, Paint-A-Home has reached out to a diverse range of sectors of beneficiaries, be it the children, elderly, or the intellectually disabled. Currently into its 19th year, Paint-A-Home XIX targeted a total of 25 units consisting of elderly, low-income families, and physically disabled individuals living in 1,2-room rental flats by painting their units to give them a comfortable and clean environment to live in, especially since a home is where strong emotional ties are attached. We also helped hoarding and bedbug units to do packing as well as providing services such as bedbug fumigation and replacing their furniture if required. Apart from that, we aim for volunteers to interact with the beneficiaries such that the spirit of engagement is being portrayed.

Paint-A-Home XIX Organising Committee
Paint-A-Home XIX Organising Committee experiencing the painting process first hand to learn and lead the volunteers better.

PAH XIX collaborated with both Thye Hua Kwan Seniors Activity Centre @ MacPherson and Care Corner Seniors Activity Centre @ Toa Payoh (TP106) this year.

Both SACs provide programmes and activities that support active ageing, empower the elderly to live independently, stay socially engaged and enjoy a better quality of life.

Block Event (New Initiative)

Unlike previous years, this year, we planned half a day of activities and performances at the SAC for our volunteers and beneficiaries to take part in during actual event. Activities include handicrafts and games to keep the beneficiaries occupied and engaged while the volunteers are painting their houses. Also, it increases beneficiary engagement and volunteer-beneficiary interaction during actual event, by creating opportunities for them to mingle around while painting commences.

Beneficiaries engaged in doing handicraft while the volunteers are painting their houses
Performance for the beneficiaries to watch
Snapshot of happiness brought to both our volunteers and beneficiaries at the end of the painting


Paint-A-Home not only provides opportunities for volunteers to make a difference in the community, it also gives them an avenue for service learning and personal growth

Paint-A-Home for the past 2 years have been a fun and fulfilling journey. From just handling an aspect of the project to overseeing the entire project and making sure everything runs smoothly was a leap for me. This project not only raised my awareness on the different conditions of beneficiaries as well as picking up management skills. I have truly enjoyed my time spent on this project and treasure the friendship forged.

- Dominic Ng , Project Director

I think PAH has helped me develop my leadership and interpersonal skills, because as an OC member I not only had to know how to work well with the other members, but also communicate with and get to know our beneficiaries better. At the same time, learning about their life stories was an eye-opening experience. The past few months was time well spent with both our beneficiaries and OC members and I would definitely cherish the bonds that were forged.

- Si Ying, Secretary/Treasurer

PAH has been a great experience for me as it allows me to step out of my comfort zone to serve the community for the better. Through the process, i got to know myself better. I've also learnt to volunteer whenever I can because giving brings more happiness than receiving.

- Chyna Lee, Marketing Assistant

PAH is more than just painting houses - it’s about learning how to work with people & learning to realize how blessed I am to be living the life I am living. Having the opportunity to interact with the beneficiaries opened my heart to understand the perspective of people who are different from us.

- Nicole Chua, Volunteer Management Assistant