NUS Students' Community Service Club - Paint-A-Home



Started in 2000, Paint-A-Home aims to improve the living conditions of our beneficiaries through the provision of a fresh coat of paint. In PAH, we believe that improving the aesthetic outlook of the beneficiary's’ home would improve their standard of living because it is not merely a house, but a home to them- a place where one lives and grows; a place with emotional ties. Through our event, we invite volunteers to join us in making a difference in the community. Over the years, our volunteers have reached out to BHID (2007), Jamiyah Children’s Home (2008), Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizens (2012) as well as rental flats in various regions around Singapore (2009, 2013-2015)

Our Volunteer hard at work
Hard at work on the mural

Paint-A-Home XVIII

Over the years, Paint-A-Home has reached out to a diverse range of sectors of beneficiaries, be it the children, elderly, or the intellectually disabled. Currently into its 18th year, Paint-A-Home XVIII aims to target elderly staying in 1,2-room rental flats and NKF patients by painting their units to give them a fresh coat of paint and hopefully brighten their lives. We also provide services such as bedbug fumigation and replacing their furniture if required. Apart from that, we aim for volunteers to interact with the beneficiaries such that the spirit of engagement is being portrayed.

Paint-A-Home XVIII Organising Committee

PAH XVIII collaborated with the following organisations this year:

King George's Ave Seniors Activity Centre

King George's Ave SAC provides programmes/activities such as morning exercises, TCM services, interactive activities, monthly birthday celebrations and excursions for the elderly

THK Seniors Activity Centre @ Henderson (Satellite 93)

THK SAC (Satellite 93) provides programmes that support active ageing, empower the elderly to live independently, stay socially engaged and enjoy a better quality of life.

National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

For this year, PAH XVIII worked with the chronic illness sector as well. As the largest kidney foundation in Singapore, NKF promotes kidney transplant and provides quality, highly subsidised dialysis treatment and holistic care. PAH XVIII collaborated with NKF’s very own house painting project, whereby NKF will source for units that needs to be painted from their list of patients, and PAH will provide the resources and manpower required for the painting to be done.

Group photo of volunteers and beneficiary with finished painting

Paint-A-Home not only provides opportunities for volunteers to make a difference in the community, it also gives them an avenue for service learning and personal growth


Stepping up as the Project Director for PAH hasn’t been easy at all, but I felt that it was truly worthwhile when beneficiaries called me after the event to thank me for the painting, and showed off to their neighbors their newly painted unit. This journey has been amazing and I am truly blessed by my fellow OC members as well as wonderful volunteers that made PAH possible.

- Wu Jiayue , Project Director

PAH was a fun and fulfilling journey for me as I was able to make new friends from the committee. Also, I learned to interact with beneficiaries from different background and look at things from their perspectives. Overall, I really enjoyed joining PAH as it made me a better person.

- Dominic Ng, Logistics Head

This is the second time I'm joining PAH and it's one of the CIPs that really gives you volunteer satisfaction, even if it requires energy and time, it is all worth it when you see the happy faces of the beneficiaries. Perhaps more bonding within the group could be done but it was very heartening to see students, friends, strangers and even the beneficiaries themselves coming together as one to paint the house to make it a more cosy place to live in! Hope PAH will continue and even expand as a project to help even more people in Singapore!

- Teo Ghim Xin, Volunteer

PAH has been a rewarding journey that I will keep close to my heart. My heart is full from the interactions with the beneficiaries, the volunteers and my peers. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity learn from them and hopefully, put a smile on their faces.

- Vernice Tan, Volunteer Management Head