Yishun Reading Stars


Yishun Reading Stars (YRS) is a Regular Volunteering Programme conducted in partnership with Yishun Students Care Service (SCS), under a programme known as Reading Odyssey. NUS volunteers support SCS in planning and executing reading activities for this programme.

During the sessions, volunteers guide a group of P1 to P3 mainstream school children in various reading activities and cognitive-skills games. These children often present with weak literacy skills and low interest in reading.

We have about 8 core sessions per semester. In addition, there is also a fun-filled end-of-year camp in December and a major outing in June every year!


What We Do

The Reading Odyssey programme aims to provide at-risk readers with (i) regular and consistent exposure to books and (ii) increased reading opportunities with adult volunteers.

The first half of the session is Guided Reading, where each volunteer is attached to a child to guide the child in reading a book. The focus is on helping to increase the child's ability to read for knowledge, so that eventually, they develop an interest and motivation to read!

Guided Reading with our kids!

The next half of the session is spent on Group Story-telling and Cognitive-skills Games. Volunteers gather in groups to conduct story-telling sessions for the children. The books would revolve around the country of the week. This fun-filled activity will often be supplemented with interesting props to demonstrate to children that reading can be enriching and enjoyable at the same time! Under the guidance of the staff in-charge, volunteers then facilitate games that help to develop children's cognitive skills that are closely related to reading skills, such as visual and auditory memory.

Group Storytelling with the kids!

Our kids having fun with the cognitive skills games!

But there's much more to YRS!

Besides the regular sessions, we also organise consolidation parties to end off the semesters! During the party, there will still be regular activities such as 1-1 guided reading, group story-telling and cognitive-skills games. However there will be a special segment at the end where we present certificates of achievements to the children to acknowledge and reward them for their hard work and effort over the course of our 8 sessions.

In addition, we also organised outings to places such as to the Botanic Gardens, Changi Airport and Singapore Sports Hub. This is to let children have fun and learn interesting things that they do not get to learn in school, get exposure to different places around Singapore and at the same time, enabling volunteer-child bonding.

Outing to Changi Airport! J

That's not all! At the end of every year, we will hold a fun packed camp for the children and volunteers! Last year, the kids (and volunteers) enjoyed a science-themed camp where the children are exposed to various science related station games. On the second day, they had the opportunity to visit gallop stables and ride ponies, play with rabbits and also learn more about the animals at the stable. This allowed the children to gain exposure and do things they usually do not get to do.

Volunteers and children visiting gallop stables on AY14/15 Camp day 2

Come Join Us

Students Care Service (Yishun)
Blk. 202, Yishun Street 22, #01-89
(Near Yishun MRT Station, opposite Yishun Golden Village Cinema)

Every Friday, 6.30PM - 10PM


Volunteer's Thoughts

It was my first time joining a committee and leading my peers. I had many concerns that others would not think of. However, my committee and fellow friends believed in me before I did. Hence, I truly enjoyed myself as YRS Vice-Chairperson together with my fellow committee members. <3 I learnt from the children that even if you take baby steps, it is fine. You are still improving, and you will do well in future. Believe in yourself!

- Denise, Vice-Chairperson

It has been a heartwarming exp to see my peers grow as student leaders guiding the kids in their journey... every friday i look forward to coming to YRS, in my 2 years here, there has never been a session where i left unhappy. This is a place of laughter, camaraderie and unity. I havent been to other parts of the CSC family but im pretty sure this is the best regular volunteering program

- Yong Cheng, Volunteer

It's only my first semester in YRS but I am glad to say that I have learnt many skills especially on how to deal with kids such as knowing if they really understood what you said through testing them in various methods. Thankful for the friends I made in YRS and welcoming me even though I joined in the team later!

- Huiling, Volunteer

It has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey with the YRS family. This CCA allows me to step out of my comfort zone to take up leadership roles and expand my social circle. I have gained great experience working with friends from various majors. It gave me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and boost my confidence level as an individual. Most importantly, I have also learnt a lot from the beneficiaries. Children have an unparalleled zest for life. It’s something that many adults, like us lose sight of overtime. When little things get them down, they more often than not jump back off and dust themselves off. They are never sad for long. This is one of the precious lesson I learnt from them – take everything in stride, so you can focus instead on what’s yet to come. It’s this kind of commitment to happiness that can transform our days.

- Yuan Qing, Volunteer


Committee Members