Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled (BHID) is a residential home specially built to create a conducive environment for people with intellectual disabilities and age between 16 to 55 years old. With rooms beautifully decorated with colourful murals, the home provides a community setting which encourages social interaction and training of pre-vocational skills.

What We Do

The Intellectually Disabled are people who may tend to learn skills at a slower pace, depending on their types of intellectual disabilities. Hence, instead of thinking that they need help in handling tasks, we can help them to empower themselves by having activities that encourage independence and ownership. Thus, at NUS CSC @ Bishan Home, we aim to provide a cosy environment for our volunteers and beneficiaries to befriend with one another, learn new skills and have fun together. As such, we as volunteers can do our part by raising the public’s awareness of the Intellectually Disabled and help to remove people’s misconceptions about our clients. It is hoped that we do not just paint smiles on our beneficiaries and volunteers’ faces, but help to integrate the Intellectually Disabled into our society too.

Water Games Day

Colouring Session

Food-making Session

Major Outings

To achieve the objectives above, weekly visits are conducted where the main committee will come up with fun activities with different themes for each regular visit. Volunteers are encouraged to contribute ideas too! Some of the exciting programmes are like art and craft, storytelling, aesthetics, education, life skills, sports and obstacle courses. Reflection sharing sessions are held after every visit to allow volunteers to think and share about their takeaways for the day. Our Facebook page is updated regularly to raise the public’s awareness of the Intellectually Disabled too!

On top of our regular visits, we conduct festive celebrations (Christmas Day etc.), water games day, food making sessions and major outings where we recruit sub-committee members from our volunteer pool to plan and execute these activities. Not to forget our volunteer appreciation parties held each semester to thank our volunteers for their time and heart volunteering at BHID!

Major Outing at Sea Aquarium

Major outing at Butterfly and Insect Kingdom

Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Lim Ming Jun , Publicity

    “BHID was my first experience of volunteering in general. Initially, I saw it as a meaningful hobby that would allow me to socialize and also make a difference in other peoples’ lives. But as I went to the volunteering programme weekly, i realize that you don’t always need to have elaborate volunteering projects or big scale events like paint-a-home to make someone feel a difference in their lives (although to have such events are great as well). Sometimes, just the presence of people being there to partake in simple activities like coloring and mobility games together with the beneficiaries are sufficient to inspire creativity and variety in their lives.”

  • By Fong Wei Deng, Programmes and Logistics

    “BHID has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for me. Through weekly interactions with both the volunteers and the beneficiaries, I have learnt to be more understanding and empathetic towards others. It is also heartwarming to see new volunteers joining the BHID community and having fun playing games with the beneficiaries.”

  • By Lee Hung Jiang, Volunteer

    “I thoroughly enjoy volunteering at BHID. The beneficiaries are friendly and interacting with them is always very heartwarming for me. Seeing their smiles and last throughout the 2 hrs I spend with them is what I love and enjoy about volunteering. This is what makes me look forward to every visit the moment the current one ends. In addition, the fellow volunteers are very friendly and care a lot for the beneficiaries too. I'm thoroughly grateful and happy for the friendships I forged here and the times I spent with the beneficiaries. It's a place I'll always go to despite being a non-NUS student.”

  • By Jacelyn Teo, Volunteer

    “I got to know the beneficiaries at BHID well and we have a lot of fun as we spend our Saturday mornings together. I learnt how to interact and engage with the beneficiaries through activities like crafts and games. I'm really thankful for this experience at BHID as it made my Saturdays, and hopefully the beneficiaries, more enjoyable.”

Come Join Us!

At the start, communication with buddies may seem to be a tough job due to the lack of skills to interact with buddies whom may have troubles expressing themselves fluently. However, there is a first time to everything. As long as you persevere with sincerity and the heart to truly know them better, they will slowly warm up to you. There are always senior volunteers around to guide newcomers along too! Never feel shy to ask questions.
“Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help” – Heather French Henry”


Bishan Street 13
Singapore 579798
Next to Zion Bible Presbyterian Church


Every Saturday, 10AM - 12PM



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