As one of the signature projects under NUSCSC, Grant A Wish (GAW) was initiated in 2003 and has been successful in granting the wishes of beneficiaries for 16 consecutive years. This project is made possible through the help of our own NUS population as well as the general public's’ kind generosities. Each year, GAW targets a different beneficiary group. Some of them include low-income children and children with chronic illnesses.
In its latest iteration, GAW XVII reached out to the Brain Tumour Society, Genesis School for Special Education, Fei Yue Community Services and AMK Family Service Centre.

Main Phases

OC Recruitment Period

Wish Collection - September August
Wish Adoption - October
Wish Engagement - October
Wish Party - December

Grant A Wish XVI

Entering its 16th year, Grant A Wish XVI – Under The Sea, has expanded to include all three of CSC's main beneficiary groups. Our theme is "Under The Sea” as we hope to raise awareness for the aquatic environment. We hope that our beneficiaries have learnt to appreciate nature and enjoyed themselves, and that volunteers engaged in meaningful interactions and continue volunteering with CSC.

Group shot of Organising Committee

First Phase: Wish Collection

During the first phase of Wish Collection, volunteers get to interact with our beneficiaries and assist in collecting their wishes.

Second Phase: Wish Adoption

During the second phase of Wish Adoption, where the wishes of our beneficiaries are put up for adoption during the internal drive held in NUS. The drives were a success with a 100% adoption rate, so as to Grant-A-Wish!

Last Phase: Wish Party

In the last main phase of GAW, the Wish Party, volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries gather together for a day of fun and games. The highlight of the party would be the beneficiaries receiving their presents from the wishes granted by our kind donors.

Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Dzulhilmi B Dzulkifli, Year 2 Information Systems

    “Grant A Wish (GAW) XVII would not have been a success without my amazing organising committee, volunteers and donors. GAW has allowed our team members to pick up transferable skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork. While working on GAW, everyone has to be a team player and communicate effectively, collectively working towards the common goal of success for every event in each phase: Wish Collection, Wish Adoption, Wish Engagement and Wish Party. We defined success as one where our stakeholders’, mostly beneficiaries and volunteers, needs are met. After every event, feedback is collected and reviewed to refine the next. A huge shoutout to my two other Project Directors and CSC family who helped out in our event. Thank you!”

  • By Sheryln Goh Xin Ni, Year 2 Business Admin

    “CSC widened my horizons as I met beneficiaries from all walks of life. It was heartwarming seeing how the simplest things can bring so much joy to them. They reminded me of the beauty in everything, and to appreciate life with a greater heart that continues to give relentlessly.”

  • By Chelsea Wong, Year 1 Business Admin

    “GAW was my first SP here in NUS and i have learnt how to handle marketing and logistic issues which I have never done before. I have also learnt to interact with various beneficiaries of various backgrounds that have taught me how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to be a happier and more mature person :)”

  • By Jasmine Lee, Year 2 Business Admin

    “GAW has been a great journey for me, as joining for 2 consecutive years gave me a chance to transition from being a ‘newbie’ in the Wish Cell to holding an every larger plate of responsibilities while leading my team of wishies! Learnt many new things, and made many new friends along the way as well. ”