Havenue is a Regular Volunteering Programme that reaches out to patients with life-limiting illnesses under HCA Hospice Care.


What We Do

Our volunteers visit and befriend our beneficiaries at their homes every Saturday. During these visits, we engage the beneficiaries in various activities such as colouring and handicrafts. We help them with household chores (e.g. cleaning or buying groceries) to keep their living conditions pleasant. We also spend time chit-chatting with them. Through this, we get the opportunity to learn very interesting things from the wealth of experiences that they share.

Havenue Visits 1 Havenue Visits 2

Beneficiaries and volunteers enjoying their befriending sessions!

During festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, we will come together to enjoy fun-filled games, engaging handicraft sessions and many other exciting activities!

Havenue Mid-Autumn Visits

Celebrating mid-autumn festival together and enjoying some yummy mooncakes!

Besides our weekly befriending visits, we organise and participate in ad-hoc activities and visits to HCA Day Hospice Centre. We organise three main events at HCA Day Hospice Centre every year such as Valentine’s Day Celebration, Christmas or New Year Celebration as well as Project Nuevo.

Havenue Project Nuevo 2019

Project Nuevo 2019 was a huge success!


Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Wei Ling, Chairperson

    “It was really fun and fulfilling to visit the elderly with Havenue, especially knowing that I have made a difference in their lives. Havenue has also provided me with the opportunity to meet new people with common interests. Through the interactions with our beneficiaries, I’ve gained a lot from them and learnt more about myself as well.”

  • By Xue Qi, Vice-Chairperson

    “Visiting the beneficiary has been a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience. It is always a nice break away from work. I got to make friends from other faculties as well. Through my interactions with the other volunteers and the beneficiary, I learnt a lot and am happy to be able to bring about some impacts in their lives.”

  • By Jie Yang, Volunteer

    “I am happy to volunteer with Havenue because we are able to make a positive impact. I think that the main challenge the beneficiaries face is the lack of company and we can help improve the situation by visiting them more often! With that said, I would like to form stronger bonds with the beneficiaries in future visits! The experience at Havenue is different from my previous volunteering experiences and there is a different kind of joy to be gained every time!”

  • By Kai Jie, Volunteer

    “Volunteering with Havenue has been very meaningful as we are able to help brighten the lives of the beneficiaries and help them to complete daily tasks such as household chores that they may face some difficulty in. Through Havenue, I can now better empathise with the beneficiary and better understand and relate to their problems. I hope to create a stronger bond with the beneficiary by talking and listening to the beneficiary more during the house visits.”


Come Join Us!

The strength, perseverance and optimism that our beneficiaries display despite their life-limiting illnesses is extremely inspiring. It is their spirit that motivates us to keep moving forward regardless of the challenges we may face in our own lives.

Havenue Volunteers

Havenue is a journey. As we contribute our time to volunteering with our beneficiaries, we grow, learn and receive beyond what we give. If you are keen to embark on this rewarding journey of growth, discovery and giving, JOIN US TODAY!




Every Saturday,
2:30PM - 4.30PM



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