Project heART is a newly initiated Regular Volunteering Program (RVP) under the NUS Students' Community Service Club (CSC). We aspire to be the bridge between youths with special needs and the NUS student body.

We seek to provide value to youths with special needs by providing them with support or initiatives to expose them to a myriad of experiences through art. Through this, we also hope to raise awareness amongst volunteers about the stigma with regards to special needs and help volunteers realize that they can make a difference.

What We Do

Collaborating with Inclubeds, our programme is held at the Chill Mug at the Bedok Community Centre every Friday night. During the session, the volunteers will engage 1 to 1 with the beneficiaries in various art activities drawing and handicrafts. This opportunity has led to our volunteers having a unique experience by interacting with our beneficiaries to complete the artwork which will then be brought home by the beneficiaries.

Project heART Team

Our team and volunteers at Chill Mug

Project heART volunteer and beneficiary

A picture of our volunteer with beneficiary

Project heART artwork

Some of the artworks completed during the session

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