Situated at Lorong Napiri, MINDSville@Napiri is one of the residential homes run by the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) to cater to the needs of the intellectually disabled. The home aims to maximize the potential of intellectually disabled persons by helping them to lead a life as independently as possible. With the belief that they too, have the rights to take their place in the society just like any normal person, the home seeks to promote public awareness and acceptance of people with intellectual disability.

Our volunteer outing!

What We Do

Every Saturday, our volunteers gather at MINDSville to interact with the residents of the home and together with fellow volunteers from Terra Hope (a project under MINDS Minds Youth Group), we aim to help the residents develop motor skills and independent living skills through a range of enriching activities such as art and craft, music, exercise and food preparation.

Besides regular visits, we organize and hold special events to celebrate festivals such as Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas. In addition, we conduct various outings such urban amazing races, the viewing of fireworks’ display and visits to our local attractions. Every year, we also have camps to further enhance bonding between residents and volunteers.

Celebrating MINDSville's 14th Anniversary with lots of fun!

Of course, MINDSville is also a place to meet fellow volunteers from NUS and Terra Hope and make new friends with others who share the spirit of volunteerism! Join us to be part of our big family!
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Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Si Qing, Internal Chairperson

    “Working with PWIDs is a unique and different experience. As it is often difficult to understand what our MINDS residents convey through their speech, being able to comprehend them through their actions and understand what they need, is a handy skill that I've managed to build and learn through volunteering at MINDSville. My favourite memory was the Christmas celebration in MINDSville last year. Christmas is my favourite holiday of all but I never got to celebrate it. It was a heartwarming experience to sing Christmas songs and play games together with our residents. It made me realise that the magic of Christmas is the joy of giving.”

  • By Yeen Heeng, Volunteer Management Head

    “Enriching, fulfilling and humbling are among the first words that come to my mind when describing volunteerism at MINDSville! When I first started volunteering here, I was apprehensive that our efforts would not amount to much impact on the residents. However, repeated interactions with them has not only given me a glimpse into their daily lives but also made me realise that our contributions (no matter how small) have lasting impacts on them! I am reminded of the importance of empathy and patience in the world. The circumstances that made us the way we are, are often uncontrollable and realising this given me a new perspective on matters.”

  • By Esther, Volunteer

    “I wanted to do something meaningful and something I enjoy during my time in the University. When I knew through my friend that there are regular volunteering sessions at MINDSville, I decided to give it a shot. It is truly fun befriending the residents and engaging in various activities with them. While it may scary at first and we may not know what to do, with an open mind, the experience can be an eye-opening one. Not only that, the residents appreciate us spending time with them and enjoy our company. This makes the time spent worthwhile!”

  • By Jolene, Volunteer

    “It has been a fulfilling experience thus far being part of MINDSville! Honestly, if not for committee members who are so driven and motivated in putting their best efforts to meticulously plan the programme sessions and being consistent with the budget planning for events, our beneficiaries wouldn’t have had enjoyed themselves this much. Our residents were involved in Zumba and Kpop Dance sessions, various sports activities, innovative arts and craftwork and celebrating respective festive events by bringing them outdoors occasionally!”

Come Join Us!


MINDSville@Napiri, 7 Lorong Napiri, Singapore 547533
(In Hougang, behind Bowen Secondary School, near Gracehaven Salvation Army and AWWA).

  • From Ang Mo Kio : Bus service 25, 74, 132, 165, alight at Blk 634 (Near Bowen Sec) , Hougang Avenue 8 (Bus stop no: 63311)
  • From Serangoon: Bus service 147, alight at Blk 634 (Near Bowen Sec), Hougang Avenue 8 (Bus stop no: 63311)
  • From the bus stop, walk past Blk 634 and Blk 638 and turn left to Lorong Napiri.
  • Alternatively, you can either take bus service 156 from Seng Kang Interchange or bus service 43 from Punggol Interchange and alight at the bus stop Gracehaven S army (Bus stop no: 64109)
  • Or bus service 103/109 from Serangoon Interchange and alight at the bus stop Opp Gracehaven S army (Bus stop no: 64101)


Every Saturday, 3PM – 6PM
Regular visits follow the order of:

  1. Funfit 1 (Arts & Crafts and Food Preparation)
  2. Tea break
  3. Funfit 2 (Games and physical activities)
  4. Short debrief for the day’s activities



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