Here in CSC, we believe in continuous service to the community and that we have made tremendous progress over the years. To provide opportunities for NUS undergraduates to be exposed to various groups in the society with different needs, the following projects and programmes have been established under CSC:



Special Projects

Regular Volunteering

Exploratory Programmes

CSC Day Children/ Youth Elderly/ Terminally-ill Intellectual Disability Migrant Workers LEAP Projects       Collaborative Programmes 
Ethelontêr Clementi Youth Sparks Havenue BHID Project VoICE Project TIL SGSS Online Tutoring Program
Grant A Wish Dayspring L-derly Befrienders MINDSville Project Savvy Project ASPIRE
Paint-A-Home TEACH! T.H.E.Seniors SO-NUS Project SafeSpace Project IMH
Project C.A.N. Yishun Reading Odyssey Project EngAged Project heART Project Sparkseed
Project WAO Project ACE
Project R.A.I.S.E  
Regular Volunteering Programmes (RVPs)

focus on regular-basis volunteering. Currently, our RVPs work with children, youth, elderly, persons with life-limiting illnesses, persons with intellectual disabilities and migrant workers.

Special Projects

take place on an ad-hoc basis annually. Each of these projects serve as a platform to foster the club's mission of promoting volunteerism and reach out to the various sectors of society. All of our Special Projects function by student-run committees, and many of them provide volunteering opportunities to NUS undergraduates. 

Exploratory Programmes

Exploratory Programmes are the growth arm of the club and can be further broken down into 4 parts: LEAP projects, SparkSeed, Collaborative Programmes and Project ALIVE. 

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