Project We Are One (WAO) started off as a L.E.A.P. (Leadership. Engagement. Aspire. Potential) project under NUS Students’ Community Service Club (NUS CSC) from March 2019 to September 2019 and have since been converted into a Special Project. Project WAO aims to raise awareness for the migrant workers in Singapore among the NUS students through various initiatives. We also hope to provide opportunities for students to interact with migrant workers and hope that through their experiences, we can all work towards integrating migrant workers into our society such that we are one in unity.

Main Phases

OC Recruitment Period

January to June November

Project WAO

In its first iteration, Project WAO worked with Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), aiming to raise awareness for the migrant workers by providing opportunities for students to interact with migrants workers.

Group shot of Organising Committee


Engagement sessions were held to promote volunteer-beneficiary interaction, providing an avenue for skills, knowledge and lessons to be exchanged. Through various mini games and chatter, more insight into the daily lives of migrant workers was gained.

Item-Based Donation Drive

Item-Based Donation Drives were held, collecting daily essentials and useful items for the beneficiaries. Such items include shampoo, body soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, shirt, shoes, water bottles, tote bags and suitcases.

COVID Updates

Unfortunately, many plans had to be cancelled or adapted. However, the committee stay true to their aim and creatively conducted various online initiatives instead

Collage of Online Initiative

Drawing Perspectives, a video series exploring the migrant workers scene in Singapore was launched to better engage and raise awareness for the migrant workers.

Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Jaymond Tan Jia Wen , Project Director

    “Ending off my university journey with Project WAO was amazing and memorable for me. I'm thankful to have worked with a group of capable individuals. We learnt together, understanding migrant workers better and exploring new platforms like Tiktok to continue engaging students and migrant workers during Circuit Breaker. These experiences taught us the importance of adaptability, resilience and teamwork. As leaders, we need to remember that it is easy to break a chopstick but not a bunch of them.”

  • By Ng Wen Wen, Annora , Publicity Assistant

    “Joining Project WAO was the best decision I made for the semester, as I have learnt a lot through all of my fellow OC members, and enjoyed meaningful experiences with them. My project directors were also very inspirational and motivated us through their dedication and well thought out plans.”

  • By Yuki Ong Xue Li , Volunteer Management Assistant

    “The most memorable moment for me was seeing our participants initiating hugs with SMF while exchanging gifts during our interaction session. To me, that scene represented the first step of building an inclusive society for our unsung heroes.”